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Dandelion Stone Troughs and Architctural Antiques

Millstones For Sale

Old MillstonesDANDELION hold one of the largest stocks of Old Millstones and Grindstones in Northern England. These beautiful Old Millstones were originally hand-carved by quarrymen and farmers between 100 and 300 years ago from York Sandstone or Millstone Grit, and in diameter can range from a few inches to over 6 feet.

Carved MillstoneMILLSTONES make spectacular water features View Examples Here. DANDELION also specialise in carving house names upon Old Millstones. Find Out More

DAN 3116
DAN 3116 This Old York Millstone, despite displaying a number of historical defects is nevertheless a most attractive specimen that would grace any garden or water feature. Dimensions: 26” diameter x 6” average thickness x 3” square hole. (635 x 150 x 75) Price: £195.00
DAN 3100
DAN 3100 This lovely old millstone displays a number of charming features: the concentric grooves on the top surface and the overall general wear are a testament to ‘a life-time of work’ grinding corn to produce flour, the power source being a water wheel. This millstone would lend itself to being used in a garden Grand Design, a water feature; or could be used if supported upon three stone columns as a garden table. Dimensions: 48” diameter, with the thickness ranging in the centre from 3” down to 2” at outer edge. There is a 9¾” centre round hole, plus two square cut outs that originally held the iron drive mechanism Price: £950.00
DAN 3110
DAN 3110 Old grindstone made of York stone. Ideal for water feature. Dimensions: 430mm diameter x 75mm thick, with a 35 round central hole. (17” diameter x 3” thick, 1¼” round hole.) Price: £250.00
DAN 3108
DAN 3108 A stunning specimen of a nicely weathered York Millstone. This fantastic millstone would lend itself for carving a house name. Dimensions: 765mm diameter x 90mm average thickness. 70mm square hole. Price: £750.00
DAN 3106
DAN 3106 Old York Millstone, which due to its history as been worn slightly oval. Dimensions: 470mm, x 145mm average thickness. Axis 1 = 520mm and Axis 2 = 490mm. 75mm square hole in centre. Price: £275.00
DAN 3105
DAN 3105 A real curiosity of a York Millstone or Grindstone, nicely weathered and note the interesting carved initials, W.A. Dimensions: 20” diameter, 8½” approximate thickness, 4” square centre hole. (510mm x 215mm x 100mm square hole) Dimensions: 510mm x 215mm thick. 100mm square hole. 20” diameter, 8½” approximate thickness, 4” square centre hole. Price: £425.00
DAN 3081
DAN 3081 York Stone Millstone. Dimensions: 23¾” diameter, x 2½” thick with a 1¼” centre square hole. (600 x 65 x 30). Price: £250.00
DAN 3086
DAN 3086 York Millstone. Ideal for carving a house name. Dimensions: 470mm x 90mm thick. 18½” diam, x 3½” thick. Price: £300.00
DAN 3087
DAN 3087 DANDELION to supply one traditional millstone to be hand-carved from locally sourced York Stone. Upon completion, the beautifully crafted millstone would look fantastic forming part of a water feature or if set up as an eye-catching display anywhere in a garden or court yard. NOTE: The newly carved ‘Fields and Furrows’ on the top surface of the Millstone will soon weather which will make it look even more attractive. The underside is left blank. Dimensions: 675mm x 100mm thick. 85mm centre square hole. 26½” diam. X 4” thick, square hole 3”. Price: £550.00
DAN 3091
DAN 3091 Old York Mill Stone ideal for water feature. With 1 centre round hole. Dimensions: 24” x 4” thick with 10” dia. centre round hole. Price: £200.00

Millstones: A Brief History

Old millstones and grindstones were specifically made for a variety of agricultural and industrial uses. For centuries, the milling of flour was dependant on millstones. The leather tanning industry used water-powered and later steam-powered machinery incorporating millstones for the crushing of bark to produce tannin.

The dyeing industry used similar machinery for the extraction of natural dyes from vegetable matter. Paper making also relied on the crushing and grinding of timber for the production of wood pulp and also for grinding rags and other textile waste.

The early British iron-working industry used great numbers of grindstones for sharpening edges on tools such as spades, picks and axes, and also for weapon-making for the military. From the late Medieval period Sheffield had significant numbers of water-driven workshops containing grindstones for knife and cutlery production.

Old reclaimed millstones make fantastic water features, and can be incorporated also into walling schemes, both outside and inside the home, such as ‘Grand Design’ fireplaces, or can be employed in decorative and historically interesting landscaping projects.

Millstone in Flagging

Millstones incorporated in landscaping project.

Millstone in Flagging

Millstones incorporated in walling project.

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