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Dandelion Stone Troughs and Architctural Antiques

Stone Troughs For Sale: Current Stock

stonetrough mainimage smallDANDELION specialise in supplying large, medium and small Old York Stone Troughs.

DANDELION have a large stock of Antique Stone Garden Curiosities such as: hand carved Stone Gargoyles, Stone Sun Dials, Stone Bird Baths, Old Stone Spheres and Urns: and much more! Old Stone Troughs make fantastic water features.

DAN 4181
DAN 4181 Beautifully hand-carved York Stone Pump Trough, which was salvaged from a Pennine farmhouse in Calderdale. Dimensions:28” square x 20” high. 4½” wall thickness, 12” internal depth. (710 x 510, 115 wall thickness, 300 int depth) Overflow 2” x 4”. (50 x 100). Overall height of pump 26½ inches (670mm.)


DAN 4122
DAN 4122 Bow-End York Stone Pump Trough, together with antique cast-iron Water Pump. Dimensions: Overall length 48” x 30½” wide x overall height 11¾”. Internal depth 9”. (1010 x 775 x 300). Overall height of pump 50 inches (1270mm).

Price: £1,350.00

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DAN 4159
DAN 4159 8 in stock - 'Slopstones' - Dimensions: from approximately 42 inches long x 21 inches wide x 6½ inches deep. 3 inches internal depth.

Price: £275.00

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DAN 4048
DAN 4048 A very attractive pair of square, sandstone troughs created from 200 year old Cheshire cheese press stones. Both troughs are rare to find curiosities and are very desirable indeed. A Dimensions: 28 inches x 30 inches x 23 inches high. (710 x 760 x 580). B Dimensions: 27½ inches x 28 inches x 29 inches high .(700 x 710 x 740). Int. D. 5 inches-6inches

Price: £720.00 each

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DAN 4122
DAN 4122 York Stone Pump Trough. 1 end bow shaped. Holds water and could be incorporated into a water feature. Dimensions: Overall length 48” x 30½” wide x overall height 11¾”. Internal depth 9”.


DAN 4104
DAN 4104 Old York Millstone Grit Trough. This is a truly spectacular specimen of a large and deep, thick walled stone trough, which would enhance any landscaping or garden Grand Design. Dimensions: Maximum length 59” x maximum width 40” x maximum height 24”. Average wall thickness 6”. Average internal depth 14”. Price: £3,650.00
DAN 4081
DAN 4081 Originating from a South Yorkshire farmyard, this delightful York Stone Trough, hewn out of a natural boulder, is extremely attractive and would enhance any garden. Dimensions: 36” long x 17” wide x 15” high. (920 x 430 x 380). 5” wall thickness. Internal depth 6½”. Price: £420.00
DAN 4116
DAN 4116 This stunningly attractive large and heavy Trough, hewn from Millstone Grit would look superb if placed either in the centre of a flagged courtyard, within a stable yard, or sited beneath a window. Dimensions: 50” overall length, 36” overall width, 17” overall height. Wall thickness average 5”. Internal depth 7”. Price: £3,200.00

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