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Dandelion Stone Troughs and Architctural Antiques

Old Stone Garden Curiosities For Sale

Garden AntiquesDANDELION can supply a wide range of unusual and quirky garden antiques carved from old York sandstone to include Victorian garden ornaments, stone gargoyles, staddle stones, grindstones, bird baths, unusual stone planters, stone gate posts, stone sun dials, stone garden urns, stone garden statues, stone dragon garden ornaments, stone mushrooms and stone flowers, and a great diversity of general old garden antique curiosities.

DAN 3568
DAN 3568 Staddle Stone Dimensions: 25” high, top 18” diameter (635 x 460) Price: £325.00
BIRD BATH DAN 3566 3 piece York stone bird bath with Classical tapered column. Dimensions: 27” high, (690mm), bottom plinth 12¼” square (315mm). Top: 9” (230mm) square Price: £295.00
DAN 6021
DAN 6021 Beautiful Cast-Iron Cooking Pan with fantastic patina. Dimensions: Top dia. 13½” (340mm), 6¼” high (160mm). 2 carrying handles. Price: £110.00
DAN 3557
DAN 3557 Iron Stone. Dimensions: overall height 7½” (190mm) diameter 15” (380mm). Price: £140.00
DAN 3556
DAN 3556 Victorian hand-forged wrought iron wheel barrow frame with wooden body planter. Dimensions: overall length 56”, overall height 27”, overall width 33”. Price: £295.00
DAN 3505 WEATHERED DAN 3505 - 1 Rock Pool Bird Bath remaining, hand-carved from Yorkshire Stone. Dimensions: Approximate length 19” long x 11” wide x 4” deep. Price: £145.00
BIRD BATH DAN 3519 Garden Bird Table carved from Yorkshire Stone. Dimensions: Overall height 26” (660mm) Top: 300mm x 60mm. (100mm square column) Top 12” square x 2½” thick. Column 4” square with bevelled edges. Bottom plinth 13½” square x 2½” thick. Second plinth 9¾” square x 2½” thick Price: £295.00
DAN 3551
DAN 3551 A real curiosity of a ‘Happy-Go-Lucky’ Boot Scraper, comprising an old Blacksmith-forged horseshoe leaded into a piece of ‘Dragon’s Fangs’ Yorkshire Dales Limestone. Dimensions: Overall length 380mm x overall width 330-380mm, overall height 290mm. Price: £195.00
DAN 2105
DAN 2105 Old York Stone Gully. Historical shard missing on corner. Dimensions: 20” wide x 18” broad x 6” deep. With a 5½” centre hole. (510 x 460 x150) Price: £150.00
DAN 3501
DAN 3501 Late 18th Century Limestone Bollard, with hand-forged, riveted wrought-iron strap work over the dome top. Dimensions: 26.5" tall x 9" at the base. Price: £130.00
DAN 2057
DAN 2057 York Stone Slab Garden Bench Hard Pennine Sandstone. (48” long x 21” high x 10” wide) Price: £250.00
DAN 3524
DAN 3524 A truly stunning pair of late Victorian terracotta roof finials. Dimensions: 29” overall height, 10” X 12” base Price: £180.00 the pair.

Natural Stone Garden Ornaments

Regency and later, Victorian and early 20th century garden designers were adept at establishing some truly, superbly stunning garden features created from curiously-shaped, natural pieces of stone, or from specifically quarried York sandstone, limestone and granite.

For those special garden designs and landscaping projects, special water features and sculptural enigmas, DANDELION can supply large, natural lumps of York sandstone, Millstone Grit and Dales limestone. We can also supply old, reclaimed Westmorland stone, obtained from legitimate sources.

Staddle Stones

Reclaimed Westmoreland Stone.

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