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Dandelion Stone Troughs and Architctural Antiques


Blackpool's Big Wheel

Blackpool – the entertainment seaside capital of the North takes its name from the peat-stained, black waters that for centuries flowed out of an ancient water course draining the low lying, swampy area of Marton Moss, before discharging into the Irish Sea.

Blackpool was first mentioned around 1602 in the Parish register of Bispham Church. Until around the mid-eighteenth century, Blackpool was but a tiny hamlet set within a wilderness of marsh land at the sea edge and consisting of about a couple of dozen cottages and a small inn. The population at this time would probably be around 350 people.

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DAN 4067

Hewn from Yorkshire Gritstone, this large, stunningly attractive trough is probably 200 to 300 years old, and was recently unearthed from an ancient meadow during excavations for a cattle shed. It is thought the trough was probably carved out of a huge block of Gritstone up in the long-abandoned stone quarry on Earls Crag, Cowling in the Pennines. Hereabouts, huge troughs such as this are known as ‘Wells’, and informer times were used as drinking troughs for cattle and horses.

This Gritstone trough is of exceptional length, thus is an extremely rare survivor.

Dimensions: 99” long x 33” maximum width x 18” maximum height,   9½” internal depth.  (2510 x 840 x 460 x 240).   Average wall thickness  5½”  (140mm)

DAN 4067 2


DAN 4110

A wonderfully preserved example of an Old York Stone Salting Table. This beautiful old trough would look stunning if incorporated into a ‘Grand Design’ of kitchen or, placed out in the garden or, patio as a shallow stone planter for alpines and heathers. Indeed, the trough is currently planted out with beautiful heathers and alpines and the soil surface covered with large attractive pebbles.

Dimensions:  47” x 24” x 8” external depth.

Internal dimensions: 32” x 18” x 3” deep.

DAN 4110


DAN 4104

This is a truly spectacular specimen of a large and deep, thick walled Old York Millstone Grit stone trough.  DANDELION removed the trough from a small, stone flagged yard to the rear of a late 18th century barn in Wharfedale; where it had been used as an animal drinking trough. The beautiful old stone trough would enhance any landscaping or garden ‘Grand Design’.  The trough is currently planted with a mixture of variegated laurels, pansies and primulas. 

Dimensions: Maximum length 59” x maximum width 40” x maximum height 24”. Average wall thickness 6”. Average internal depth 14”.

DAN 4104 a

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